Realistic Luxury 

I’m Kate, a 24 year old graduate living in Newcastle. I’m a Geordie, but not one that will be tarnished with the brush that you normally associate with typical Geordie Girls.

I work full time as a Front of House and Guest Relations Manager in a beautiful hotel, its a job that I never thought I’d have considering my degree is in Criminology but I do enjoy it. The hospitality industry is fast paced, you work long hours and it is harder than it looks. But that’s all part of the challenge.

Like every girl my age I’m obsessed with all things to do with beauty and fashion. Shopping is my weakness. I’ve had to change the route I take walking through the city centre otherwise I come home with a new pair of shoes each time! My bank balance certainly does thank me for it now though!

My dad always tells me I live a Champagne Lifestyle on a Prosecco budget. Maybe that’s my mantra but I decided to set up a blog for the love of seeing others, I have three blogs I log onto every day without fail, these are the girls that have inspired me and make me want to be able to do more myself. I kept telling myself that’s something I could do, and would love to do. I love nothing more that being able to share my insight into certain products, fashion trends and hauls and my personal realistic luxuries.

So thanks for popping by, feel free to get in touch! I love meeting and talking to new people who share these views too.

RL  x