There’s nothing I love more than coming home from a 12 hour shift to see my family! Even better my sister brought me a little sale treat..


All of this was just £5!!

Nornally, I’m very much a GHD only kind of girl, but I always keep a spare pair of straighteners in the cupboard in case something happens to them. You can tell that I was once caught short.

It might sound silly to some, but when you have hair like mine – unbelievably frizzy and thick. When you have just washed your hair and have no straighteners can be a nightmare. Especially when it was the morning of a job interview. I vowed from that day to always keep a spare pair!


This set is the cutest, and great for travelling too! It comes with a little brush, heat protection mat, small copper mirror and a cosmetics pouch. As well as the straighteners! All for £5! I know I’m as shocked as you.


I’ve not tested it yet but will be sure to do so in the coming weeks as I’ve got a lot of little adventures planned. So far a 10 out of 10!


RL x